Solena’s Privacy Notice

Solena Ag, Inc. (Solena hereafter), located at 300 Lincoln Center Drive, Foster City, California, ZIP code 94404 in the United Stated, acknowledges the right of privacy and personal information protection of our clients under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA hereafter), therefore Solena will be the responsible for the use and protection of your personal information.Solena makes of your knowledge the following:

1. Your rights

As a customer, a. you have the right to know what personal information will be collected, for what purposes it will be collected and how it can be shared with third parties; have the right to limit the usage of your personal information; have the right to request the correction inaccurate personal information; have the right to request the deletion of personal information that may have been collected by Solena; have the right to op- out of any type of commercialization that could be done regarding your personal information with third parties; have the right to request the portability of your personal information; g.and the right to not be discriminated for exercising your CCPA rights.

2. Categories of personal information to be collected

In accordance with Solena’s commercial activity, the following personal information will be collected by all available means:

  1. Identification information– name, address, phone number, email, signature, tax ID, national identification number, date of birth.
  2. Work information – company, position, address, email, phone number.
  3. Financial information – tax and work information, banking information, income.
  4. Academic information.
  5. Other personal information – geolocation.

In the given case that additional information should be needed, Solena will provide a written notice to its costumers requesting such information; the same rights shall apply to the additional information requested and surrendered.

In accordance with section 1798.115 of the CCPA, Solena hereby discloses that none of the personal information collected from our customers will be sold/ commercialized with third parties.

3. Purposes for which your personal information will be used

The personal information that will be collected is for those purposes that are essential to execute the services and provide the products acquired by the costumer and that are necessary for the existence, maintenance, and fulfillment of the commercial relation between Solena and the customer.Including, but no limited to identification y means of contact, provide the acquired products and services, invoicing, follow- up of legal/ authority requirements, customer service through mobile applications and other means of contact.

Customer’s personal information may be used for additional purposes that are not essential to provide the services and products acquired but allow Solena to provide a better customer service.These secondary purposes are marketing purposes, networking and commercial clustering and success stories.

Your personal information will be collected and processed in accordance with the following guidelines: legality, consent, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility.

Solena will keep the personal information up to five years after the commercial relation between Solena and its customers.

4. Ways to exercise of CCPA rights

To exercise your CCPA rights, we put at your disposition the following options:

  1. Via email, the request to exercise your CCPA rights must be submitted to the address
  2. In person, at 300 Lincoln Center Drive, Foster City, California, ZIP code 94404 in the United States.
  3. Via phone call, at the phone number (toll free): +1 (650) 720-8247
  4. Through our web page

In both cases, the CCPA rights request must include the following information:

  1. Name of the owner of the personal information
  2. Address of the owner of the personal information
  3. Means to prove your identity and the right to request the exercise of the CCPA rights
  4. The personal information on which you want to exercise the CCPA rights
  5. Any other additional information that will help us locate your personal information

Within twenty (20) business days, Solena will answer your request, though the method chosen by the customer to receive the answer.

5. Consent for the use of your personal information

Customers tacitly consent to the processing of their personal information by not expressing any opposition within 5(five) business days following the date on which this Privacy Policy has been made available to them.

6. Personal Information sharing with third parties

Solena informs the owners of the personal information that their personal information may be shared with Google Cloud Computing Services and Amazon Web Services, with the purpose of online storage.This data sharing does not generate or grant any type of right to Google Cloud Computing Services or Amazon Web Services regarding the information that will be stored in the cloud computing services.

7. Changes in our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may suffer changes, actualizations, and other type of modifications due to changes in the law, our necessities, our policy, our business model, or other reasons.That is why, Solena commits to inform its customers about said changes, through any available options.